House Update #1

As many of you know we sold our home last August and moved out in September. We did so because we had the amazing opportunity to purchase some land from distant family. The land was just down the road from our old house, which was in a great location for both of our jobs...the only catch was it was legally quite complicated. If you know me, as an attorney by day, all I saw was the mess and the many many hoops that we would have to jump through in order to make it work. There were times where I really doubted that the process was going anywhere, but Bryan luckily kept the faith that this was meant to be and would work out with a lot of patience, and I'm glad looking back that we went all in.

The Land

The approximately 18 acres was owned by multiple family members all owning different percent shares and it had never been properly divided so it had to go through a court partition process. When we initially signed the contract requesting to purchase we knew this would be a long haul, but we didn't quite realize just how long, between the courts shutting down during the early stages of COVID, the many surveying issues, and perk site issues, and resurveying. Overall, it took right at a year to just purchase the parcel that we would build on.

Luckily, we also had a friend that wanted to split part of the land with us that was looking to build as well, since 18 acres was really out of our budget LOL. We were very happy about this because we wanted to make sure we had a neighbor that we could trust and get along with. We finally closed on the parcel that we will be building on and we are currently waiting for the construction loan to close. When all is said and done we will end up with around 8.5 acres, so certainly worth it but I never in a million years would have anticipated just how long it would take to just get the land part worked out. Thankfully our construction loan is set to close at the end of this month and then we can roll on with the building process.

The Builder

We are currently under contract to build our house with Tanner Built Homes, and we are so excited to work with them! We contacted multiple builders at the outset of the process and were so impressed with Ryan and Tanya's responsiveness and overall care for their customers, especially when some of the builders never even called us back or took weeks to respond. The Tanners have responded within hours and even minutes of me sending an email, every time and they have been so patient with me and helpful with our many questions. They have been amazing to work with thus far and we can't wait to see the beautiful home they build for us, they do amazing work and really take pride in their construction and it truly shows.

The Plan

We must have looked at thousands of house plans. With this being the 3rd home we have purchased we had an idea of what we liked and didn't like and what has worked well and didn't work well in our other homes. We were EXTREMELY picky, and honestly I'm so glad that we were. Part of the thing that we have always said is we don't want too much house. We have always said around 1800 square feet was perfect. Anything over 2000 and it's too much too clean and any less than 1800 and you start losing lots of storage and important space in things like the living room and bedrooms.

We "decided" on a floor plan...only about 10 times, or so we thought. We even purchased plans for one that was similar to the one we have now (huge mistake, don't do that until you have a builder lined up LOL). But we finally arrived at the one we chose to build with Tanner Built Homes. Our big must have list included:

  • Good flow, we wanted a plan that made sense and was easy to live in and walk through, surprisingly a lot of plans had bad flow and lots of wasted space, which we hate. Our last house had so much wasted square footage and it drove us bonkers.

  • 3 decent-sized bedrooms, particularly the kids rooms, some plans they were TINY

  • Open concept main living space

  • Lots of windows and natural light

  • A double sink in the bathroom...believe it or not we haven't had this during our marriage, at our last house we had 2 bathrooms in the master, but one wasn't even functioning until we were ready to sell it, literal facepalm

  • A nice outdoor space

  • A linen closet on the kids side of the house (also didn't have one in the last house and it drove us nuts)

  • Coat closet at the entryway to catch Bryan's many hats and shoes LOL (we did not have this luxury in any of our other houses and it was a must for me, I'm always tripping over our shoes that are thrown everywhere)

  • Bonus room for WFH desks/toys/and all of the extra stuff

  • And of course Bryan had to have a 3 car garage (eye roll, I guess I had to give him something LOL, AKA his man cave)

We ended up going with the Primrose plan through Tanner Built, and we made a few modifications to the plan to make sure it suited our needs. Here is a link to the original plans before they were modified if you want a peak. Not sure I can post our final plans here due to copyright for the drafters that worked on it.

Things that were on our wish list that we ended up adding in to our plan are:

  • Open shelves in the kitchen

  • Vaulted ceilings in the great room and kitchen

  • Black fixtures

  • A nice wooden front door

  • Rough sawn cedar trim for the baseboards and windows/doors

  • A laundry room instead of just a closed-off closet

  • Cedar shutters for the windows

  • Leathered countertops

  • Moss green cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms

The Selections

Bryan and I really changed up our style with this house from our last. The last home we had we decorated to be very farmhouse, and though the modern farmhouse is still in right now, we tried to think long-term. This house will be the one we hope to stay in forever, which is why we have been so particular about every detail. For this reason we tried to choose decor/selections that really spoke to us and fit our personalities. One thing we have always liked is natural elements, we love earth tones and things that remind us of being in nature. Hiking and being in the great outdoors is one of our favorite things, and so the idea was to bring the outdoors in with the things we chose. We want it to have a modern touch but an earthy feel. Much of our decor is going to focus on this as well with lots of natural fibers and elements. A pebble backsplash and a stucco look fireplace, terracotta accents, you get the picture (haha) anyway, these are the main selections we made for the house itself, decor can come later.

Thankfully we are so close to closing, I can't wait to share more updates as we finally make some headway on the actual build! Stay tuned...